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UQiPro £2099 + £199 registration fee 

The UQiPro from NIU is the ultimate in utilitarian design. 
Minimal, affordable and practical, the U Series was born from a sketch that attempted to answer the question of what true urban mobility looks like. 
With it's "named" frame, colourful panels and modular design styling, the U series is perfect for those who wish to get about town while making a statement. 
A brushless Bosch motor has a 92.6% power conversion effeciency, delivering 24Nm of torque. Regenerative braking systems capture power back into the battery, thanks to an Electronic braking system. 
A six axis motion sensor alerts you to any unauthorised movement of your scooter or if it has fallen over. In built GPS tracking also provides peace of mind and security, locating your scooter to 3 meters. An on-board motor lock also activates when parked and movement is detected. 
The keyless ignition makes this Scooter ideal for deliveries and hopping on and off. Unlock from up to 50 meters at the press of a button, or simply get on and ride. 
20 Mile Range 
5.2KG Battery 
7 Hour Charge time 
24Nm Motor Power 
Black / Red 

UQi GT Pro - £2399 + £199 registration fee 

The UQi GT Pro takes the popular UQi platform and fills it full of more powerful technology, resulting in a longer range, a more powerful motor and a higher speed. 
Track the status of your Scooter in-app and be alerted to unauthorised movement, errors and driving stats. 
Lighter than most scooters, the NIU UQi GT Pro is great for city living, easy to manoeuvre. Powered by a Bosch 1500W motor, it is fun to ride and easy for new riders to pick up. 
Thanks to the small profile, simplicity to ride and lightweight, these make fantastic accessories for campervan/motorhome users. 
Width: 740mm 
Length: 1910mm 
Height: 1128mm 
50 Mile Range 
5 Hour Charge time 
1500W Motor 
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