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Here are extracts from an article from the UK Cycling Association, explaining the benefits of buying from your local cycle dealer. 
What a lot of people are not aware of is that the warranty offered on a new bike is directly with the selling retailer, so buying locally is greatly advised. Should you buy a new bike on line, you may well find that you are unable to have any warranty repairs carried out locally and may have to pack the bike up and return it to the suppling dealer, which can be very costly and inconvenient. 
By buying locally you have the advantage of the high degree of knowledge bike shop staff have, many of whom are often enthusiasts themselves. It says that a degree of knowledge is required to sell a bike and its subsequent servicing, especially to cycling newcomers faced with an array of jargon. 
Visiting your local bike store has several other advantages over buying online. One key benefit is the chance to view, size and try the bike. The knowledgeable staff can also help you find products that meet your specific needs and preferences that you may not be aware of and have yet to consider.’ 
And when it comes to an electric bike, there is a lot of information to understand before you even get to the all-important test ride. 
Test rides are a must.  
Electric bikes are a high-value item, and you want to ensure you get the right one – you wouldn’t buy a car without a test drive and a bike should be no different. This is very important because a bike that’s the wrong size can lead to discomfort during and after the ride. Before buying a bike you should really try one first, even if it is just a ride around a carpark. You will very quickly know how it feels and whether it is the right model for you. 
Being able to get a feel for the product, see how it handles and make sure it’s a comfortable option is of the utmost importance. This couldn’t be truer than in the family cargo bike segment, which requires an in-person experience to truly get to grips with a bike that handles differently to most.’ 
Certainly a cargo bike is the prime example of a product that would make little sense to buy online. Anyone bold enough to buy online without a demo would be taking a gamble on which style is suitable for their needs and cycling experience. 
Paying a store a visit represents an opportunity to talk to experienced salespeople who can provide the best possible knowledge and service. 
‘Building a relationship with a trusted store can also provide you with reliable advice and service in the future. 
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